Kathmandu to Rara Lake tour Package

Kathmandu to Rara Lake Tours Package

Kathmandu to Rara lake tour one of the best naturally retreating places in Nepal for  Eco therapy and Eco psychology. Rara lake rewarded one of the fresh organic water lake which is compare as the dreamy heaven on the Earth. Due to the peaceful locaiton organic remote and ecologically refreshment corner, Rara lake tour package very popular from Kathmandu Nepal and outside the Nepal and Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Rara lake tour Package deals with the Rara Lake tour Itinerary, Kathmandu to Rara Lake distance, Vehicle for Rara Lake and Rara Lake tour cost. Rara Lake tours and sightseeing agency Managed the Rara Lake tours from Kathmandu Nepal.

Kathmandu to Rara lake tours by flight
peaceful Rara lake tours from busy city Kathmandu organized by the Rara lake tour package agency. Enjoy the heaven of the Earth Rara lake from Kathmandu Nepal.

6 night 7 days jeep tour itinerary from Kathmandu to Rara Lakes managed by the Kathmandu to Rara Lake tour agency Nepal. Most of the Nepali travelers popular destination   is the Rara Lake tours. How Expensive the Rara lake tours from Kathmandu? this might be frequent question by the Rara Lake travelers. Most of the Nepali people visit Rara Lake tours because of the easy and flexible transportation from Kathmandu to Rara Lake journey.  Rara lake trekking become more popular because of the passion of travelling by Local people of Nepal. It become new trends explore our country and beautiful jewel of Rara Lake. Due to the facility of communication and internet ,it helps to deliver the personal news very quick and updating the travel status news with friends ,family and public community.

Alpine Rara lake tours with Rara  pure culture and tradition
Cost of Rara lake tours managed by the Rara lake tours agency Kathmandu. Green City travel and tours inspired you to go green Rara lake valley for getting peace and happiness.

Many people have a same question that how to go Rara lake and what is the tour itinerary of Rara lake with Budget. Rara lake possible to by jeep and Bus. if you hire jeep you can directly go to the Rara lake. From the Bus it takes long time and have to walk from Jumla or Nagma(30 km before from Jumla. Also it is possible to go By Royal Enfield, Pulsar Bike as well as.It takes 3 days to walk from Jumla to Rara Lake via Danphe lagna and Three days to back jumla or Nagma. so, There is a question ,how to go Rara Lake? we give the option which is based on our experience.

Enjoy the heavenly beautiful Rara lake tours.
Rara lake tour Natural fresh water lake and best beautiful gift by the Nature. Inspiring to visit rara lake tours for refreshing and recreation of the mind. Amusing the imaginative Rara lake trip with Green city Travel and tours.

Flexible option to go Rara Lake tours and trekking

  1. Kathmandu to Jumla by bus,takes 2 days and 3 days walk to Rara Lake.
  2. Hire a Jeep from Kathmandu to Rara Lake
  3. Fly to Jumla from Surkhet or Nepalgunj then 3 days walking tours to Rara Lake and another 4 days to back.
  4. Fly to Talcha(Mugu)from Nepalgunj then 3 hours to walk to Rara Lake. another day come back to Talcha stay another night there then fly back to Nepalgunj then night bus to Kathmandu. It is the easiest and shortest way to travel and tours in Rara Lakes Nepal.
  5. fly to Simikot then 5 days walk to the Rara Lake after that fly back to Nepalgunj from Talcha
  6. From Dolpo to Rara lake(Phoksundo to Rara Lake) it takes more days and time. compare to above option.

5 Night 6 days Jeep tour itinerary of Rara Lake

  1. Kathmandu to Surkhet Drive
  2. Surkeht to kalikot and Stay in Nagma or Sija valley
  3. Sija valley to Rara Lake
  4. Drive Rara Lake to Jumla
  5. Jumla to Surkhet by jeep
  6. Surkhet to Kathmandu by Jeep.

Budget for the Rara Lake trekking:

According to your option need a budget for Transportation by bus, jeep or plane. Kathmandu to directly fly to Nepalgunj then Talcha . How it is more option the way to go Rara lake,similarly more option for transportation.

Budget of the Rara Lake depends on:

Mode of transporation

Nature of the expensses

standard of the Hotel

Way to travel Rara Lake

How to go Rara lake trek and tours

There are many option to go Rara lake tours and trekking.

Option 1. All the way flight from kathmandu:

Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight-Nepalgunj to Talcha flight then 3 hours walk to the rara lake from Talcha similarly come back  same way.

Option 2.

By Rental Jeep

Hiring four wheel jeep to Rara Lake by jeep tour it is 6 night 7 days tour itinerary for the Rara lake tours and travels.It needs four wheel jeep. Inside the Rara lake no jeep allowed to take so, you have to get down 1  house before from the Lake. Lake will beginning after 45 minutes from the jeep stop place.


By Bus

Bus to jumla from Kathmandu.

It takes 2 night 2 days to reach jumla becuase bus leave at night to Jumla. In the morning Bus  reached to the Surkhet.Then, Surkhet to Kalikot takes one  days and night . From Jumla it takes 2 days to reach Raa lake by walk. Then back to the Jumla or Sija after that come back to Kathmandu.

Hotel and Accommodation Around the Rara Lake :

Beside the Surkhet ,Kalikot and Jumla other places have a home stay accommodation or local lodges.  so, we said this Rara home stay trekking and tours.Because of the Domestic tourism this days Rara lake trekking become more Popular.

Budget for the Rara  Lake trekking and tours

Simply Rara lake trekking are not expensive for the food and accommodation if stay local house and lodges.Basic food and accommodation  are cheaper than other areas of Nepal. It is unbelievable Dhat Bhat cost Rs. 150 rupees,accommodation cost 200-500 rupees.

Faq about the Rara Lake tour Package

How i Go Rara Lake from Kathmandu?

One can go Rara Lake by jeep and Bus. Major transportation for the Rara Lake tours are Bus and Jeep. Our Rara Lake tour agency Managed the Scorpio jeep, four wheel jeep, Bus ticket. Book Rara Lake tour Package with the Green City Travels and Tours(p.)Ltd.

What is the Rara Lake Vehicle Cost?

5 night 6 days Rara Lake Vehicle cost Rs. 8000(eighty thousand) for the 7 People. it is not good to travels in one jeep more than 7 People. Land cruiser, Scorpio four wheel jeep, Bus reservation is the Major transportation for the Rara Lake tours and travels.

Why Rara Lake tours Book with the Green city Travels and Tours(p.)Ltd.

Green City Travels and tours have lots of Experience to organized the Rara lake tours. we have Rara Lake hotel booking facility, Rara Lakes Cheap tour Package and Choice able option to go Rara Lakes from Kathmandu Nepal.




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